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Oct/Nov 2019

Our First Newsletter

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At Pinnock’s we strive to provide the premium-quality freight solutions you require to deliver only the best to your clients and customers.

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Opening the world of global trade.

We are proud to announce our new Travel agency services.
Offering time saving, hassle free solutions to worldwide personal and business travel. Flights ✈️, Hotels 🏨, Cars 🚗 and activities 🧘🏄🎭.

British Heart Foundation Dress Up Day 31/10/19

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Starting a Freight Forwarder and Travel Agency Business

Starting a Freight Forwarder and Travel Agency Business

Not many people around me own their own business … most people appear content to be employed.

They say follow your dreams not someone else’s but I have spent most of my life trying not to stand out.

I fell into the world of shipping from school, the one thing I have never had a problem with is getting a job, with a smile and willingness to learn, I moved through the world of employment easily. Until I became pregnant with my first daughter and received the biggest revelation as a woman in a very male world …. I would never move any higher within my career if I also wanted a family.

I moved frustratingly though employment from this point trying to find part-time jobs within the world of shipping I loved so much. I found companies didn’t feel I was loyal due to the building of my family, I myself had never had a sick day, but with each childhood illness, my daughter suffered the attitude of loyalty became a bigger issue within work.

I craved to be able to balance family and work so found part-time jobs in various areas outside of export.

This I have realised has positively extended my skill base.

Business Planning

For many years I have planned businesses, written business plan after business plan for myself and others. With two children I found myself working a job that didn’t fulfil me, just paying the bills and going from one month to the other.

Moving forward I actually realised I had been holding myself back, there was so much I had wanted to do and even when having my first daughter I was determined to prove those who had said I wouldn’t do all the things I wanted to do wrong, but somewhere between then and now ….

I’m almost 40. I realised I haven’t and I’m not having it anymore.

So the start of my lifelong plan of owning my own business ……..

The plans were there already so I started the gruelling process of finding out how to form a company.

So October 2018 I established as Export Plus (The name I had always based my business plans on and it was available) I was elated, I started the ball rolling. I set up a business banking account with Lloyds Bank, I found an investor and had a great meeting where I proposed my plan, secured office space and even got email accounts set up, everything seemed to be going great, I was good to go…..